Figurines FAQ

Figurines to Capture that Special Occasion

There are many occasions one can pick a made-to-order figurine to impress upon someone. They are versatile and often well-received.

Material and Workmanship

We use environmentally-friendly soft color clay for our figurine production. We use high quality polymer color clay which is 100% safe (non-toxic), durable, anti-mold/washing/color fade. Our passionate and experienced artisans took pride in making each figurine a unique art piece for our customers.

How to Order that Perfect Figurine..

1. Pick a figurine type from Shopping Cart (Single | Dual | Triple | Group of 4). For bigger groups or Corporate Orders please contact our Customer Service.

2. Provide us your favorite photo (high resolution, well-lit) showing clear features of the subject's face (you can provide us separate photos for preferred clothing and figurine posture). Photos with exaggerating expressions are FINE- after all figurines are containers of JOY and hilarious photos often help to bring the figurine to life under the tools of our master craftsmen.

3. Communicate other requirements (Base and Setting, Figurine Sizes, Expedited Services etc) - Finalize all your specifications.

4. Prototype check via photos (feedback for adjustments if necessary).

5. Figurine sent for glaze firing and packaged for delivery.

How to Choose a Photo

Communication during Figurine Prototyping

It is crucial that buyer communicates with us during the prototyping stage and provide feedback on areas where the prototype doesn’t look like the real person. This is a co-creation stage - after all you will know the real person better than our artisan performing the creation just based on one photo. Your inputs will be highly appreciated and makes a significant difference on the desired outcome. After all adjustments are made, we will sent figurine for glaze firing and package the end product for delivery.

Figurine Sizes and Effects

Terms on Figurine Orders

  1. Please respect the effort and dedication of our craftsmen. Everyone might have slightly different sense of beauty and communication, understanding is key. We put our best endeavor to make every shopper’s buying experience a memorable one.
  2. Please finalize all requirements and specifications before commence of work. If requirement is changed post commence, we will need to impose 60% extra fees for additional workmanship.
  3. Artisanship is unique in every piece and may not be perfect subject to each individual perception. We use craftsmen with years of handcraft experience and we could make adjustments along the process. However if required adjustments is unachievable without rework we will need to collect a certain amount of re-working fees.
  4. In the event multiple adjustments are attempted but still does not meet a particular customer’s expectation, we can only offer 30% refund as we still need to cover the cost of workmanship labor and material consumed in a customized item that would not be possible for us to resell/reuse. Thank you for your understanding.

Time to Deliver

1. Normal Service – 5 to 8 days upon order for Prototype, 8 to 15 days to Ship Out.

2. Express Service – 3 to 4 days upon order for Prototype, 6 to 8 days to Ship Out.

Caring for Your Figurine

Avoid dropping. Simple break can be repaired using general purpose glue for pots. Avoid direct prolonged exposure to sun. Cleaning can be easily done through water rinsing or gentle cleaning with damp cloth or brush. 

Figurine Packaging

We use environmentally-friendly EPE for packaging and protection. EPE contains water light moisture and is lightweight & anti-shock, ideal for cushioning purposes to protect figurine against damage in the process of shipping. Gift comes packaged in a stylish gift box, complimentary of

Choosing a Figurine Base

We have 4 sets of figurine bases. Set-1 (Standard Base) is complimentary. Please add a base option from shopping cart on top of your figurine if your preference is from Set-2/3/4. You can also let us know if you have a custom base requirement and we will quote accordingly.  

Engraving on the selected base is complimentary (subject to available space on figurine base)