Customize Jigsaw Puzzle !
Customize Jigsaw Puzzle !
Customize Jigsaw Puzzle !
Customize Jigsaw Puzzle !
Customize Jigsaw Puzzle !

Customize Jigsaw Puzzle !

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Customize Your Own Jigsaw Puzzle Online Now !

Create your own Jigsaw puzzle online and let your loved ones enjoy those precious moments one piece at a time. Personalized jigsaw puzzles make a fun, great gift for all ages. Click the red "CUSTOMIZE" button above to make your own creation today!

We carry puzzles from different sizes up to 3000 pieces (larger puzzles please inquire).

For large prints, the required resolution might be higher than a standard hand phone can produce and you will see a "Red Box reminder" in our Online Design Simulator when you upload the image.

Please follow the instructions below

1) Send us your photo(s) that need enhancements, along with details on the item and size that you intend to order

2) After receiving the new enhanced image from us,

3) Create the design on the customized page

2) Check out as usual

As this is a Complementary Service for genuine clients and we endeavor to send back your images within 24 hours. Image with sufficient DPI will help to ensure the quality of your print.

Puzzles below 300 pieces are shipped with a wooden Frame. Puzzles with more than 300 pieces are without frame but you will get a Personalized Gift Box with the puzzle photo printed on top (see below photo). This will surely make a pleasant surprise on first impression when you present the present to your beloved ones !

Our Jigsaw puzzles are made from premium wood material for durable play and laminated to create a glossy finish with smooth edges. The puzzles are cut to fit tightly together so you can roll up or hold the entire sheet in your hands easily without applying glue.

Each Piece of Puzzle measures about 2mm thick, made to last rounds after rounds of puzzle play with the family - enjoy your precious moments one piece at a time!

Love puzzles and just afraid that you don't have the time to complete it? We offer you Smart puzzle solutions. For orders higher than 1000 pieces we offer below Complementary services;

  • We can break your puzzle into Zones (A to H) & mark on the back of each puzzle piece the Zone Alphabet so you can get some clues when struggling with that odd piece. We also store the pieces separated into each compartment each corresponding to the alphabet zone so you can start organized and make the puzzle play even more fuss free.

Still worried that you don't have time to complete the puzzle challenge and yet still want to get that precious photo puzzle to your loved ones? We offer Complementary Assemble-on-Behalf Service for those who purchase 1500 pieces and above ! We will pack the completed puzzle in 8 pieces and you just need to put together this 8 piece puzzle yourself!

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 Click the red "CUSTOMIZE" button above to make your own creation today or check out our Video blog to see how easy our Customization Tool is!


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